Pole Pigs are a' Flyin"

Hey guys:
I have a fantastic deal on pole pigs --- I have an opportunity to pick up 100
pcs -- 10 kVA pole pigs for around $35-40 per pig!!!  They vary in manufacturer
and very slight difference in physical size, but they are all tested and work. 
Also, none of them have PCB's in them -- just normal Shell xmfr oil.
They have the adjustable taps from 12 kV thru 14.4 kV Erms.  We just remove the
tap assembly and set them on 14.4 kV.  We ground the second bushing internally
and just use one for output.  Primary is the standard 3 small bushings -- 120
VAC (parallel) or 240 VAC (series) connections.
I certainly don't want 100 pcs, but at this price thought some of you on the
list might be interested.  If so, drop me a private e-mail and notify me of how
many you would take at this price as I have to make a decision in the next 4-5
days and then make shipping arrangements.
Heck, at this price, you could all use 3-4 in storage for those future climbing
arc projects not to mention the big TC project you know you will all do
Please advise ASAP.  I need to get a head count, and sorry --- but I can't do
100 return emails with my heavy schedule. Don't ask me how much to ship --- you
figure it out.  Weight is around 200 lbs and all shipments FOB Baraboo,
Wisconsin via Yellow Freight International (on a skid) or you can pickup.