RE: Primary support -update


I have one of those small Makita table saws.  I have always been fairly
afraid to cut anything in it but wood.  It would really be nice to use it
for cutting plastics and such for my Tesla coil projects.  However, with
the big direct drive brush type motor, the thing is too dangerous if
anything hangs up.  The high-speed direct-drive high torque motor does not
stall gracefully at all!!  It is great for wood but odd materials may go
nuclear...  I was wondering if simply putting the variac in line with it
(universal motor) would reduce the speed and torque to sane levels and if
that would be of use for cutting plastics and such?  I was going to give
this a try but thought I would check around first for tips...


At 08:02 AM 7/23/99 -0700, you wrote:
>HDPE can be cut into strips with almost no effort. Use a table saw with a
>cheep (many tooth) carbide blade ($6.00 at HomeDepot). A couple shots of
>silicone on the blade before starting also helps.
>Brian D. Basura