RE: Primary support -update

HDPE can be cut into strips with almost no effort. Use a table saw with a
cheep (many tooth) carbide blade ($6.00 at HomeDepot). A couple shots of
silicone on the blade before starting also helps.


Brian D. Basura

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> The HDPE isn't all the expensive - I ordered 8 pieces of 4" width, 1/2"
> thickness and 12" length for $32.00, and that included UPS delivery
> from an outfit called Professional Plastics, located in Commerce City,
> CO (303-287-7900). I would highly recomend them to anyone.

You can also go to the supermarket and buy cutting boards. Of course, then
you'll have to cut it into strips, which is kind of a pain with PE, because
it melts and sticks to the saw blade.