Cabbott Sanders

***** Many people have been asking me about Cabbott and his monster BL
Tesla Coil. I talked to him yesterday and mentioned the matter, and he
asked me to post this: *****

 Hi all fellow Coilers: I’m Cabbot Sanders, that young ball lightning
researcher guy with the 84" Tesla coil...

 Many of you may have been wondering where I went and if I'm still
alive... I haven’t been subscribed to any e-mail lists because it’s
been taking too much of my time, and email… And even if I tried, I
wouldn’t be able to make any progress in the ball lightning research
right now because I have no place to set up my coil. :-( I don’t feel
bad about it yet… Cause I know its going to happen when it happens,
when I have
the resources to finish it.  I'm developing those resources slowly… I
was hoping to do something this summer, and I still hope I can. I might
move east into the desert region soon, and that would be cool
because land is cheap and so are big buildings!  Maybe I'll move on out
there, its only 3 hours away from here and its where my dad lives.  The
weather is nicer too! (Its still cloudy here, big thunderstorm July
20th!!!)  So if any of you would like to conversate with me and my
efforts, please email me cabbot-at-home-dot-com and my website has been
incomplete as far as the Tesla progress goes, but my research is pretty
much documented at  Anyways, this is about all I
have to say at the moment, maybe someday I'll actually have the
resources to get some progress done so I can join the list again and be
of use to all the fellow Coilers.

  Your friend, Cabbott Sanders

***** Mail him with all your ideas/comments/suggestions… *****

***** Sam Barros. *****
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