Re: Variac

A 5a variac would work well for a small neon transformer, like 15kv 30ma.
If you plan on upgrading your coil to a larger NST than a 15a or higher
variac would be better. Try not to buy one new, they are very expensive. I
have found used 30a variacs for as little as $10.00. 

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> Subject: Variac
> Date: Wednesday, July 21, 1999 5:42 PM
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> I've been looking around for a Variac and I've noticed that while all of
> run around 0-140 volts they have widely differing amp ratings. How large
> an amp rating do I need for TC use? I know that I could just look on my 
> xformer and see that it draws 2.2 amps and use that as a guide but I plan
> get an NST to replace my OBIT soon and I don't know how much current they

> pull. Will a 5 amp variac work or do I need to go with the larger 30
> is there somewhere in between that would be more suitable to TC use?
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