Re: Variac

    A 5A one will be good up to 600va for continous use. The bigger
one you can get the better I'd say though. Using power factor
correction caps on the primary side of your OBIT or NST will allow
you to use a little smaller variac then you would normally need. If
you get a 10-20A variac don't worry about the power factor caps
though. The first variac I had was a little 3A one. I used it on
several NST's including 15Kv/30mA ones with no problem. The only
thing you need to be conserned about with a variac is the voltage,
120 or 240, the current rating, and make sure it's not a 400Hz one.
> Original Poster: Erthwin-at-aol-dot-com
> I've been looking around for a Variac and I've noticed that while
all of them
> run around 0-140 volts they have widely differing amp ratings. How
large of
> an amp rating do I need for TC use? I know that I could just look
on my
> xformer and see that it draws 2.2 amps and use that as a guide but
I plan to
> get an NST to replace my OBIT soon and I don't know how much
current they
> pull. Will a 5 amp variac work or do I need to go with the larger
30 amp...or
> is there somewhere in between that would be more suitable to TC
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