Re: Tuning problem

to: H. Buirski:

You are correct.  As you add more capacitance to the secondary coil with a
larger topload the resonant freq will be lower, so you need to add either
more capacitance or more inductance to the primary circuit to lower it's
freq as well so the two circuits are once again in resonance.

Sometimes for testing just use some 12 AWG scrap wire with 25-30 turns.  You
can discard it later after you determine the correct number of turns and
replace with copper tubing or copper strap.  This technique allows you to
examine a wide range of tuning options.  If you have too many turns then add
more capacitance to reduce the number of turns to less than 10 or so.


Dr. Resonance

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Date: Monday, July 19, 1999 3:59 AM
Subject: Tuning problem

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>Hi all,
>I have just gotten some Al air-con duct for my new toroid, about 30cm in
>diameter and 3 meters long. Since I'm using it I am unable to tune my TC to
>get more than 3cm sparks.
>One thing I have noticed though is the more topload I add the more turns I
>need to use on the primary? Does this sound right (isn't it supposed to be
>the other way around?)?
>Current TC specs:
>Primary: about 12 turns 1/4" refrigeration tubing (flat spiral).
>Secondary: 1050 turns of 0.5mm magnet wire, 5" diameter Acrylic tube
>RSG, 3100rpm, 4 electrodes
>NST, 12KV, 30mA
>cap: 15KV, 0.02 microF pulse discharge capacitor
>Is it possible that my toroid is too big?
>Any help will be appriciated.
>H Buirski
>South Africa
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