Teslathon a success!

On behalf of the members of kVA Effects, I'd like to thank
Brian Basura and Ross Overstreet for hosting the Southern
California Teslathon on July 17th, 1999. The event was a
complete success and served as a reminder of the diversity
and camaraderie among coilers.

We at kVA Effects were all very impressed by the level of
workmanship and variety of technique. The two coils from
Bakersfield demonstrated their builder's expertise at beautiful,
flat plate capacitor construction and Brian Basura's lightbulb
topped, Mini-Twin coil proved that Tesla coils have artistic as
well as electrical potential. Kevin Ottalini's D.C coil, with its
fantastic brush discharges, was my personal favorite and, of
course, Austin Richards dancing around the coils in his
Electrobot suit was a sight to behold.

kVA member Bill Wysock let the smoke out of his 16 kV PT
while demonstrating the Teslathon's only magnifier while
Jeff Parisse burned up a 12V panel light transformer on his
controller (this proves that Bill does everything at least a
thousand times bigger!). The Model 8J, like any high
performance vehicle, ran a little rough until we tweaked the
ground connection. Once corrected, the Model 8J erupted
into twelve and thirteen footers to thrill the crowd and finish
off the evening of arcin' and sparkin'.

Thanks again Brian and Ross! We'll be back next year!

Jeff W. Parisse
Director, kVA Effects