Re: Primary: flat or conical ?

>What's better, a flat or a conical (30) primary ?

You're new at this, right?

There is no right answer to your question, as you phrase it, and with the 
lack of other paramiters. Here's your solution.

1. Figure out every detail of your basic setup. Secondary size, primary 
size, toroid, everything.

2. Repost your question, including the relevant dimentions, also include the 
specs for your power supply.

3. Watch for the next week as several different people (most with I.Q.'s 
that make you and I look like a carrot) tell you totally contridictory 
methods and ideas while proving themselves absolutely correct (and they are, 
all of them).

4. Blantently steal ideas from several other people's best designs and built 
one for yourself.

5. Turn it on, wait, curse, turn it off, curse some more, make a small 
adjustment, turn it on, wait, scream, turn it off....repeat ad nauseum. 2 
days later the dog will pee on it and all of a sudden it will work.

Most importantly, don't get dead. Most of these high-voltage toys are a 
bi-polar kinda hazard. Either they're giving you severe internal burns so 
you will die a horrible painfull death, or they're not. There isn't much 
middle ground.

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