Re: dielectric material

to: Nick

With the primary coil 1 1/2 inches horizontal away from sec coil and lowest
turn of sec coil approx 3/4 to 1 inch above the primary coil --- this will
give you the proper coupling and adequate air insulation --- you won't get
any flashovers and silicone is unnecessary.

If you have it so close you are getting corona you are overcoupling your sec
coil which is undesireable and will produce kickbacks that can damage your
NST and eventually the primary capacitor.



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>Hi All,
>         on my coil I just smeared the inside turn of the pri with silicone
>sealant, being particullarly thorough around any area of voltage stress,
>soldered joints or the end of the tubing.  This cured the rather
>pri-sec arcing  I got at first, but not before a neat ring of varnish had
>been burnt off the sec.
>Nick Field