Re: MOT's for sale, or advise for a MOT

Hi Scott,
              The MOT / MOC combination will not work in tesla coil duty.   
The cap will swell up and explode in your face and the MOT will overheat 
after a while.  MOTs are useless in tc duty if you do not put lots in series 
or use a voltage doubler circuit because their output voltage is too low to 
use a conventional spark gap with.  If you use a reso-cap with the MOT you 
will destroy it through corona damage.  I assume the arc figures you give are 
the lengths you can _pull_ the arc to rather than the striking distance as 
they would otherwise suggest that you have got a 450kV MOT on your hands.  If 
you current limit and voltage double MOTs they make excellent tc power 
supplies, as my next 5kVA coil will demonstrate with 4 MOTs and inductive 
current limiting.

Nick Field