Re: winter UK teslathon

I'd be interested but sadly I may be out of the country for a while from
October. Sounds like a good idea though and I'm sure the rest of us in the
UK would be quite pleased to set up for a public demo... 

Alex Crow

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Subject: winter UK teslathon
Date: 18 July 1999 21:45

Original Poster: bob golding <yubba-at-clara-dot-net> 

Hi All,
	I might have found somewhere to hold a winter teslathon. It is a part of a
museum of technology in Cambridge. They have an area about the size of
alans hall , maybe a bit smaller with plenty of parking and no near
neighbors. There is plenty of power( 30 amps per phase of 3 phase), so ok
for pigs. I took some prints down from this years teslathon in Corby to
show them and they seemed quite keen. They have a lot of Victorian
machinery, steam engines, gas engines etc, so Tesla coils fit in with that
well. I haven't discussed money or anything yet as I want to see how much
interest there is first. They are having a "steam weekend" on the 30th/31th
October. This would be a good time as the place will be warm!!. If anyone
is interested please let me know off list please. we might have to do a
public demonstration but we are not camera shy now are we.


bob golding