Microsim PSpice 8 Evaluation Version

To all the circuit designers/simulators on the list:

Since I've added PSpice output to WinTesla 3.1.0, I thought you should know 
that the evaluation version 8 of PSpice for Windows can still be downloaded 

Since Microsim was purchased by OrCad, this may not be available for long.  
OrCad has released version 9, and there isn't an eval version for it (and it 
retails for thousands of dollars, and requires a "hardware key").

I use version 9 at work, but use version 8 eval at home, since it doesn't 
require a key, and functions normally as long as you stay under 20 components.

I don't have enough room on my web site to store this, but maybe one of you 

R. Scott Coppersmith