Re: High voltage resistors

to: David

I have a few rated 100 Megohms and are 10 inches long --- should be good for
30-40 kV holdoff.



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Date: Saturday, July 17, 1999 4:23 PM
Subject: High voltage resistors

>Original Poster: David Euans <davide-at-mailhost.accesscom-dot-net>
>Does anyone know of a source of new high voltage (30+ KV) , 125 Mohm
>resistors or any high voltage any Mohm resistors in general.  I will
>only need about 4 for my purposes.  I'm building a voltmeter to measure
>the output of my pig.  I know I could use a neon transformer or similar
>but would rather not have the bulk of a transformer.  Also,  my maximum
>voltage would be more limited with a transformer
>-- Dave Euans