RE: High voltage resistors

Good question.  My company makes ignition systems for gas ranges, as a
matter of fact if have a pilotless  gas range good chance it is one of ours.
Anyway to your question. I had the same problem on one of our newer designs
and we fixed it two ways: The first and most obvious is to use multiple
resistors in series, typical carbon film break down at about 200V to 250V,
therefor use 10 or so in series, that's what we did. On one of older designs
we found that Carbon Comp resistors hold up very well to high voltages, We
used a single 1/2 6.8 meg device that regularly sees those kinds of
voltages.  On thing I will recommend is making certain the devices are very
clean otherwise you can get, I should you say will  get arcing across the

Mike Walczak