Neon potting

Hi All,
          I wondered if there is a text file out there on different neon 
pottings and how best to remove them? 
If no then I propose we write one as, with new safety regulations coming into 
force all the time, there are now a bewildering range of different resins, 
polymers etc. in place of the once universal tar.
I have recently spoken to TuneWell who use epoxy potting, however their resin 
can be peeled of after 1 hour -at- 120 degrees C whereas some of the american 
resin seem to require exotic solvents and/or a long time to.  I have already 
written the beginnnings of this file for tar and TuneWell epoxy but would 
appreciate the contributions fo anyone else.

I take my neons medium rare....
Nick Field