Re: HV Arc Resistance

Hi All,
just an idea....

> My "just use 3 ohms" rule is far over 
> simplified but I don't know of any better way for the normal person (hey,
> I'm normal toooo :-o) to find the real number here...

I may be over simplifying, being naive or generally showing my age (14) but I 
thought there was a perfectly good equation for the impeadance of an inductor 
with negligible DC resistance at different frequencies:

 	Z = wL

w=(used here as 'omega') 2 * pi * F
L=inductance in henries

I agree that accurate calculation of the inductance of TC primary is almost 
impossible, even using the nasty maxwellian integrals rather than the Wheeler 
inductances.  It is however quite easy to find the inductance using a known 
shunt capacitance, an rf freq generator and a half decent scope or high 
impeadance (Vacuum Tube) Voltmeter.

(almost)Pumpin' the kW in GB
Nick Field