Re: RQ gap observation

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>  > Has anyone seen anything like this?  I have always heard that RQ type
>  > gaps need airflow to work well?

I have already built one RQ style spark gap, but instead of inside pvc pipe, 
i built mine on a cutting board. Now since i'm new at this stuff and i have 
the urge to test out everything i build... i naturally hooked up a 15/60 nst 
to it and ran the Spark gap w/out a fan or any airflow that the natural 
wind(and there wasn't any). This spark gap worked pretty well. than i tried 
to blow on the gap to simulate airflow, and than the gap seemed to run very 
unstable and flames even started to form.(too much air?).
Anyways, from this my conclusino is that maybe you don't need airflow as much 
as a "unclosed" environment such as a cutting board instead of a PVC pipe.