Tube Coil Xformers for Sale

>From non-list member Terry:

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Thanks... ...Jeff Parisse

"I measured the transformers and they are as follows;

     A:  1'X9"X10.5"  5,760 volts C.T. at 321 ma         AND
                                   4,800 volts C.T. at 475 ma

     B.   10.5"X9"X9" 6,336 volts C.T. at 500 ma

    C. Filter choke: The Choke is a mate to either of the transformers
and measures 8"X6.5"X6" and is also heavy.  No ratings on it but it was
in the cabinet along with one of the transformers and a pair of 866s.

Both of the transformers (like the choke) are hermetically sealed and I
presume are filled with oil (but I don't know).

They both can be run on 110 or 220 input voltage.  The xfmr with 6,336
volts is made by Barker and Willamson and the other is made by Merit
Coil and Transformer Co. 

The ratings on the transformers are for continuous commercial service

(Note: you can run these in intermittent service for 150% current rating
for short periods)

I slid the transformers up on the bathroom scale. The first transformer
(5,760 volt and 4800 volt) weighs exactly 100 pounds, without crating. 

The second transformer (6336 volt c.t.) weighs 110 pounds, without