Re: Coil coating: (was Re: Fiat PVC, Fiat Lux)

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: "ROBERT CRESSLER" <59CREROB-at-menasha-dot-com>
> i am not sure where but its seems somewhere i heard that UK and maybe
> Europe in general does not use PVC pipe for potable applications (and maybe
> others) because of concerns about possible hazards resulting from water (ie
> minerals,CL2,and such) leaching out  toxic plastizers in the pipe
> ............ PVC has a spec. grav. of 1.4 or so and  PE/PP are "lighter"
> maybe that is why the better performance..... less loss from superior
> material??........... if it floats in water it's not PVC!

Thanks for the insight.  This stuff really is PVC (marked "PVC" on the
outside).  The interesting part is when I was sanding some PVC water pipe
completely through, I found that there appears to be a liner in the pipe
designed for potable water.  There is a thin layer of more flexible, and
stronger plastic, on the inside of the pipe.