Re: Will this unit work for a MMC cap?

Hi Doug,

> Also, a question about a post a while ago: what is a snubber capacitor?
> Some units from Hosfelt Electronics were described that way.

Snubber caps are designed to absorb the high potentials developed when a
current carrying inductor is open-circuited.  They are used to protect
switches, points in automobile ignition circuits, relays etc., from
arcing.  Some packaged snubbers contain a built-in, low value, series,
resistor, to lower the "Q" of the snubber, absorb energy, and reduce
EMI.  (this type design would not be suitable for TC applications)

More recently, there have been capacitors introduced designed
specifically for solid state power switching applications.  The caps
absorb energy, protecting the solid state devices (damper diodes are not
suitable or practical for all applications).  They are used in things
like Variable Frequency Drives, solid state choppers used in high power
conversion applications, etc..

The specifications of a high power snubber cap, are similar to what a
Tesla coil needs: low "External Series Resistance,"  high voltage, high
pulse discharge capability, and low dissipation.  G.E. is one of the
leaders in the field of high power electronics.

I tried to find more detailed information on the L series snubber caps
on the GE web site but didn't locate those particular caps.

good luck