Metalised film

Mmm. Interesting idea. The ability to apply metal film to the
traditional cap would be an astonishing technical advancement in
coiling. But I suspect that this deposited foil process is more than
meets the eye. True industry can do it ,but they often have the good
toys to do it with.. In my curiosity to follow the MMC trend I hacked up
one of those poor defenseless caps only to find the cap I had contained
a gray hard block of a material similar in texture to bondo or
duraglass. No visible plates. Must not have been the type of cap the
MMC's  are using. If the metal film is deposited electronically I have a
nice little schematic for a table top electroplating power supply.
Someone has to try metal film. Heck im building a traditional cap now,
if i can figure out how to put the film on ill try it.
Always looking to be one step ahead.