Re: MMC practical apps.?

I've been seeing this post alot, and since I'm quick as a turtle with
hemroids, tell
me - what are MMC caps exactly?

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>Hi Philip,
> With MMC caps we have a wonderful opportunity to study and test all kinds
>of problems with high power capacitors.  They are very consistent and lend
>themselves well to destructive testing.  They also have some manufacturer's
>data that is supposed to tell us wonderful things about the parts.  I think
>I have now seen every failure mode the manufacture's have mentioned "up
>close and personal".  Tesla coils can easily drive them to every destruct
>mode.  Of course, or problem is how NOT to destroy them :-)
> One could string together a few thousand poly caps and make a truly
>indestructible cap but the cost would be very high.  So, we push them to
>the limit and try and find just how hard we can safely push them.  These
>limits are beyond the manufacturer's conservative specs but the caps stand