Re: UK MMC bulk order

Hi Mike, all,

> Original Poster: wwl-at-netcomuk.co.uk (Mike Harrison)
> Does anyone have any definite findings either way for
>the need for equalising resistors in an MMC? I seem to
>remember seeing a comment that they were unlikely to help.

I (still) run my MMC without the equalising resistors. I have
not seen any *real* unequal DC voltage distribution among
the many caps. My MMC is doing just fine. I know Terry
will disagree with me (he loves those Eq-Rs), but I donīt
think that the MMC in a TC will see a build up of DC voltage.
On the other hand, a la Terryīs new formulas, my MMC is
rated at *very good* (T0 is a mere 1.5, which supports my
touch and feel results (no heating felt), as you canīt measure
such a small change in temperature with your hand).

However, I WILL use EQ-Rs for the final setup. Not because
of DC build up, but in order to discharge the caps after
shutdown. While I have not seen any huge residual voltage,
caps CAN (as the dielectric flexes and returns to original
shape) build up considerable voltage after a while. Plus, if
you have a large amount of caps, you need to discharge
them individually. Just shorting the bus connectors will NOT
necessarily discharge all the caps within the MMC.

Bottom line is: a 10Meg resistor across each cap isnīt a
too expensive life insurance and it wonīt steal any real
power away from your TC, so there is good reason to
use them.

Coiler thoughts and greets from germany,