Re: 9kV coil systems

Hi Kevin,

> Original Poster: "Kevin Wahila" <knw2-at-lehigh.edu>
> just for comparision sake, for anyone that has 9kV transformers
> powering their coil, what kind of output are you getting?  what
>could be expected with 30, 60 or 90mA?

Well, I donīt use a 9kV xformer, but rather, the next step down
in voltage (7.5kV). My secondary is 8" diameter. Here are a
few comparisons FYI:

1.) 9kV-at-30mA
Sorry, for this value, I donīt have a direct comparison handy.
I did use a 10kV OBIT at 200VA tho, and this got me around
10", but I did not max out this design.

2.) 9kV-at-60mA
My xformer was a 75mA jobber, which is close enough.
The maximum spark length I got from this setup was around 40".

3.) 9kV-at-90mA

The maximum spark length, I got from a similar setup was ~50-51".
My input VA was more like 900VA in this case, which is slightly more
than the faceplate value of your 3 xformers. However, you will need
to measure the actual current, that your 3 NST setup deliever. I
would say with careful construction and tuning efforts, you can
get around 45" sparks with your NST psu.

Coiler greets from germany,