Allanson neons

Below is a little part from the acrobat file I downloaded from
www.allanson-dot-com I think this explains why their transformers seem
to last longer on a coil opposed to other brands. It may be nothing
but I thought I'd just pass along what I found.

<The standard outdoor transformer is the most basic and common of
all neon power supplies. As such, Allanson offers a wide variety of
models rated for three different input voltages with outputs ranging
from 3-15KV, 30-60mA. From the outside, many of them can barely be
distinguished from the next. Or from similar competitive models.
Yet, on the inside, getting the details right makes all the
difference in the ultimate performance of the transformer. Allanson
transformers are uniquely suited for the rigorous demands of neon
applications. They are routinely tested to internal standards which
exceed those established for the general industry. Consistently
superior materials are used including a special high-temperature
magnet wire produced for Allanson. Coils are wound on the latest
state-of-the-art equipment. Further, extra encapsulation of the
core-and-core assembly drives us closer to our goal of having a
“corona-free” transformer. Extra insulation is included. Special
care is taken in design and manufacture so that the transformer may
tolerate exposure to environmental stresses such as elevated
temperatures or moisture intrusion. The net result of this extra
thought and effort is readily apparent. Allanson manufactures
transformers which offer unmatched performance and longevity. We are
proud of our reputation for providing the best transformer value on
the market.>