general info on tubes Re: Uses of these Tubes

just to save everyone who finds some odd tubes some hassle, the following is
pretty standard for "radio" tubes

the first number is the filament voltage
the last number is the number of pins that are used for something

for example, a 5V4 (a bridge rectifier) has a 5 volt filament and 4 active
pins, two are the filament, two are plates.  Knowing this will often let you
guess what a tube is even if you don't recognize the number.

of the tubes you listed, I recognize a few:
1X2 is a HV rectifier, probably about 18KV PIV
5V4, I listed above
35W4 another rectifier - used in a all american 5 configuration with a 50C5
12XX7 - dual triodes - low power - for audio
12XX6 - IF amps
6LR6 is probably a horizontal output driver - you can make a small coil with

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> Okay, here's my bid for idiocy.
> I was wondering, though i doubt the usefulness of any of these tubes in
> tesla coil service, perhaps one or two of them might be coaxed into
> something particularly diminuative.
> Ones that have a metal pin on top:
> 6LR6
> 1X2B
> 20AQ3/LY88
> Odd-sized ones that don't
> 5V4
> 12MD8
> 6CA4
> **C81/12AT7
> 6EA8
> 6EU7
> 35W4 have 3
> 50C5 have 3
> 6AR5
> 35C5
> 6AQ5A
> 12BE6 have 3
> 12AV6 have 4
> 12BA6 have 4
> 6AU6(T)
> These tubes are just sitting in a box, wrapped up, but doing nothing,
> with nothing planned...
> thanks to anyone who might have some helpful info.
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