Re: New site up with Nikon 950 images

At 10:21 PM 7/2/99 -0600, Tesla List wrote:
>Original Poster: Jamie Mereness <mereness-at-dti-dot-net> 
>I finally have posted some good pictures of my TTR 4D coil.  Bill Wysock
>built it for me last year, I added a couple of factory-authorized bells
>and whistles, and we've ended up with a real beauty and impressive
>performer.  All shots on first 3 pages were taken with Nikon's CoolPix
>950 digital camera and SB28 flash, and 4 images use the telephoto
>adapter.  Anyone who was discouraged from buying this camera because of
>dismissive speculation on the HV lists will be pleasantly surprised!
>Still have 2 more nice shots to add next week, and movie section is
>still in beta stage, but the page is close enough to announce.  Let me
>know what you think.

Wysock's coils always have that elegant classy look to them, very nice
and sleek. 

The pictures came out nice. The only question I have about using a digital
camera is the RF effects on them near a coil in action. I have a Sony Mavica
digital camera and have been using it to document the different stages of
building my coil. It did NOT like being near the RQ cylindrical spark gap
one bit. The only way I could get any pictures was to take it and run out
of the room real quick before the RF interfered with saving the picture to
floppy disk. If I wasn't quick enough, it gave a definite disk error. Didn't
you notice any RF effects in your camera's viewfinder when near the coil? 

If you didn't encounter any obvious RF problems with your digital camera,
that's promising.

What kind of sparks did you get with this coil?


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