Re: 1920's Tesla Coil, Fischer Type H, 12 AMP !!


12 Amps were NEVER sent through the body... but used for induction heating 
with Autoconduction Spirals and di-electric heating with the 
Autocondensation Couches.  Heating of this nature works better with higher 
frequencies (easily achieved with the low current high frequency radio tube 
driven Diathermy Machines, ca. 1930s & 40s) but with spark gap driven 
machines required tons of current to produce the same heating in the body.

High amps were also used for "effluve" treatments (mainly from Oudin 
Resonators) -- where the Tesla Coil output was not actually conducted 
directly to the body (as it would instantly sear it!), but rather "towards 
the body" using a pointed electrode attatched to the top of the coil.  The 
patient forms a type of condenser circuit, and it feels like thousands of 
needles bombarding the surface of the skin.  Very strange!  The ionised air 
right up next to your skin is somewhat dangerous though because of the large 
amounts of UV radiation being so close to the surface.

High amps from Diathermy Machines were used for destructive effects (as I am 
sure you can imagine!!!) for cutting of tumours, etc.

Most vacuum electrode treatments used low currents.

Try and locate an old book on Electrotherapy.
The best book I've ever come across is "Medical Electricity, Röntgen Rays, 
and Radium" by Doctor Sinclair Tousey, 1912 & 1915.  Excellent material!  
Also check out Strong's High Frequency Currents, available from 
http://www.arcsandsparks-dot-com.  More excellent material.

You will find tons of interesting experiments, coil designs, theories, and 
most of all - some GREAT photos!  My home page has a few fine examples, 
espescially one of a patient being treated by an Oudin Resonator.

Electrotherapy Museum

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