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<< Is the voltage rating of a tube, say, 1500 for an 811-A, peak or rms?


The rating is actually a DC rating, so it would correspond to the AC
peak.  In reality, tubes can withstand more than their rated voltages.
For instance I sometimes apply 4kVAC rms to a 1200 volt rated tube.
> The other question I have is the wattage an 811-A can handle. In the back
> of Brent Turner's book, it is listed as having a plate wattage capability
> of 65 watts, but I've seen circuits, specifically two push-pull
> oscillators and a driver for a sonic bath, that use them at over 200
> watts apiece. ???  I'd be glad for a little help here, since I KNOW there
> is someone with the answer out there...

The 65 watts is the plate dissipation, which is the wattage burned up
inside the tube.  Much of the power handled by the tube is fed to the
load (the secondary and sparks), the actual tube output power might be 
170 watts or more.

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