mmc calcs, K calcs and RSG electrodes

Hi all,

 Some more questions,

 Firstly to Terry F, I downloaded your html on MMC power calculations  -
many thanks, a) How is K calculated?, b) your sample calculation shows
two different values for the frequency, (10000, and 100000), did I miss
something here as I thought they both related to the same value?

Secondly, to anyone. I have stalled on my RSG construction as I have
been reading the posts on electrode type/shape. I have 12 6.3mm
thoriated tungsten rods that I am about to fit, however instead of
rounding the ends, (hemisphere), and aligning the ends of the rotating
rods and stationary rods is it possible to align the rotating and
stationary rods so that the lengths of the rods conduct instead of the
ends, ( attempt at diagram :-),

        _____  |    | _____   stationary electrodes
         ------  |    | ------ <gap
                    |    |       ^electrodes attached to disk
                    |    |
|                                                      instead of
---------   ---------


 What would the effect be by varying the length of conducting surface,
whereas on an end to end gap using my rods the maximum presented gap
area would be the cross-sectional area of my rods. on the setup
described above I could vary the 'gap area' by varying the length
presented by the stationary electrodes but the 'presentation time' would
be the same.

Thanks in advance, sorry about the diagram hope it makes sense.

Robin Copini. from Oz.