Re: Rebuilding NST

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>  I have unpotted a 15/30 nst and removed 2 shunt plates from each side of
>  each secondary (eight total). Is that too many? I assumed that when people
>  said they removed two, they meant two/side/secondary.? Now the primary is
>  loose between the two secondaries. Should I move the secondaries tight
>  against the primary, or place some type of insulating shims between the
>  primary and secondaries? I'm an engineer but not electrical, and am unclear
>  as to whether it is the removal of the shunts that increases the current
>  rating, or the moving of the secondaries closer to the primary.
>  My next question is whether I should repot this in something, or run it 

I would press wood or plastic shims back in to get the windings tight on the 
core.  I had (as in past tense) a real nice 12 kv 120 ma transformer that I 
unpotted to repair.  I ran it dry and it shorted in the secondary.  I wish I 
had submerged it in oil, it would probably still be working if I had.

Ed Sonderman