Re: Diathermy Techniques: Zapping tissues with Tesla Coils

Jeff Behary wrote:
>The design of the Diathermy Machines was incredible.  The spark gaps,
>resonator coils, and general arrangements were extremely novel.  Some used 
>flat spiral primaries AND secondaries, others used unique winding 
>techniques, and the spark gaps were different for each manufacturer, all 
>novel in their own respects.  Some didn't work worth a darn, and others 
>were SUPERB! [Fischer is a FINE example!]

Yes.  My previous employer used to make these devices back in the dark ages. 
  Made their own HV xfmrs and MICA/COPPER plate caps (no oil - but 
vacuum/varnish treated).  Would die for some of those scraps!

One of the coolest things was a self-adjusting spark gap bank, composed of 
up to 21 tungsten contacts, each about 3/8 diameter.  The mechanism would 
automatically set each gap to 0.006 inch each time the power was cycled.

Those old engineers were very clever.

Oh - back to tungsten - I made a watercooled spark gap out of tungsten 
carbinde machine tool cutting inserts and had no unusual difficuly with the 
higher resistance of the carbide.  As has been pointed out - the arc itself 
is what dissipates most of the power.


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