Re: 60 Hz Resonant Circuit?!?!

Hi Yuri,

	You can go to 9nF with no problem.  With a sync rotary gap, you could get
to 14nF.  Always use safety gaps!  By using too large of cap, the voltage
will drop but it won't hurt anything...



At 05:26 PM 7/1/99 -0700, you wrote:
>I need help. I am running (or rather attempting to run) a moderately-sized 
>tesla coil off of a 12,000 volt, 30 milliamp current-limited neon sign 
>transformer. Every design program or mathematical document I've seen has 
>said that I need to match my primary capacitor to the impedence of my 
>transformer (volts/current). And yet, if I use the ideal capacitor value to 
>match my 60 Hz mains frequency, which is 0.0066 uF, my primary coil suddenly 
>doesn't have enough turns to run the primary circut at the secondary coil's 
>resonent frequency. My question is, how important is it really to have the 
>right size capacitor? Is it alright to run, say, a 0.01 uF capacitor with 
>this transformer? How much will this effect the coil's output? How much over 
>can I go? I'd appreciate any help.
>-Yuri Markov
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