60 Hz Resonant Circuit?!?!

I need help. I am running (or rather attempting to run) a moderately-sized 
tesla coil off of a 12,000 volt, 30 milliamp current-limited neon sign 
transformer. Every design program or mathematical document I've seen has 
said that I need to match my primary capacitor to the impedence of my 
transformer (volts/current). And yet, if I use the ideal capacitor value to 
match my 60 Hz mains frequency, which is 0.0066 uF, my primary coil suddenly 
doesn't have enough turns to run the primary circut at the secondary coil's 
resonent frequency. My question is, how important is it really to have the 
right size capacitor? Is it alright to run, say, a 0.01 uF capacitor with 
this transformer? How much will this effect the coil's output? How much over 
can I go? I'd appreciate any help.

-Yuri Markov

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