SCR driver coil concept

To Eddie B, et all:
   I have built a few small magnifier type coils with solid state
drives. Mostly these were at rather high frequencies by classical
Tesla standards (> 800KHZ). However I believe the same principles
would apply to your coil.

   Impedance matching the primary to the base resistance of the
resonator (at resonance) will ensure maximum power tranfer. High turns
ratios don't get the job done. If you think that an arbatrary base
voltage whipped up by a high turns ratio will result in an even 
higher voltage at Ctop-think again!
   I have empirical results that proves otherwise! There are those
very respected members of this list that will say "forget radio 
engineering principles" when dealing with Tesla circuits, but in this 
case the concept of matching comes in handy. To offer an Olive branch, 
lest I get flamed to toast-I will add that it's not a completely 
conventional match where critical coupling would be considered at the 
driver coil. Ironically the SYSTEM k falls into
conventional range parameters.

Jim McVey  

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