RE: What's that smell?

Robert: its a 16KV line.. I'll see if I can find
the URL that shows a web page dealing with the
event. The guy was toasted on PCP. The amazing part
is that he survived!

Michael Baumann
Coiler, Homebrewer, Nerd. mycroft-at-access1-dot-net

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> All,
> I caught a glimps last night of the upcoming 'highlights' to be seen on
> next week's Most Amazing Police Video's (or whatever it is called) to be
> aired next Thursday evening on FOX network.  They will show a man,
> suicidal climber or lineman (I don't know which) up on a wooden power
> pole apparently getting his arms bridged between phases of what I'm
> guessing must be a 27 kV or higher line.  Pretty impressive explosion! 
> If you ever wanted to see how dangerous accidental hands-on contact with
> the HV side of a pole pig or charged coin/can shrinking capacitor bank
> might look like, don't forget to tune in and have the VCR running.
> This most certainly IS high power Tesla coil related subject matter.
> Robert W. Stephens