Hi all!

I'm rolling my first poly caps. I've followed Mike Hammers advice making
3 - .03 uF caps in series using 4 layers 6 mil poly and 2 layers heavy
duty aluminum foil.

My question is this: I just put my first two on the meter and they read
60 nf! I have not filled the pvc with oil yet, so this is a dry
measurement. Have I done something wrong? Or does the dry measurement
not coincide with oil filled/vacumn pumped one?

I laid two layers of 6mil poly/foil/2 layers of poly/foil and rolled
them up tightly. Total area was 828 sq. inches. Using the calcs this
should give me .03 uF - HELP!?

I don't want to waste oil filling these up if they're wrong. any advice
today is GREATLY appreciated.

Bob V