Re: Transformer Questions

> Generally, the higher voltage transformers will give better results,
> due to lower losses in tank circuit, and fewer spark gap problems.
> When I run one of my coils using a 15kV, 60ma transformer, I get
> 64" sparks, but when i run the same coil using a 7.5kV, 120ma
> transformer, I get only 57" sparks (even after increasing the capacitor
> size).  
> John Freau


I'm new on this list - been following for a about a week. I saw your
post above. My first coil uses a 15k/60ma NST. It's a 6.5" X 28"
secondary, primary is 16 turns of 1/4" copper tubing, saltwater caps
(I'm rolling poly caps this week to replace them), an RQ static circular
gap. I can't use a toroid bigger than a 3"X25" and get sparks, no matter
how much I tune. At optimum tune, I get about 30"-36" sparks. How do you
get 64" sparks off yours? I figured mine was underpowered and was
planning to get another 15/60 to wire in parallel. Any suggestions?

Bob V