Re: Transformer Questions

Correcting myself, both transformers are putting out 1.08kw. I use excel a lot
for calculating things. I don't know why I got a couple hundred watts under
the other. I've been using excel for the past ump-teen years. I couldn't even
recreate how I managed 864? So, with said, I guess it wouldn't matter which
you used. I'd say give em both a go and see which works best. The rest of the
post was ok (I hope).

> Tesla List wrote:
> > Original Poster: Chris Tominkson <internetinbox-at-yahoo-dot-com>


> > What would be better, a 9KV-120mA NST, or a 15KV-72mA NST. So what is
> > more important, Amps or Volts?
> They will both work for a nice TC. But, I personally would recommend the
> 9kv-120mA as this will provide 1.08kw of power which is a couple hundred
> over the other and because your cap breakover voltage would be lower (note
> that some may disagree with my personal preference).