Re: Quad Bipolar Coil - Has anyone done this?

I too am very curious about a 'quad bipolar coil' (or could also be 
called dual bipolar coil as a bipolar coil is already a twin coil). I 
was about ready to try and build a small one, but other projects took 
over my time and I havent started it yet. I have the bad feeling though 
that the primary energy is going to be split between the primaries, and 
you may not get more spark length, but the same length or less divided 
in two sparks. Any ideas?

Tristan Stewart 

>I'm not even sure how to hook up two primaries together, but I've 
>been told it can be done. When one is high the other would be low, 
>and vice versa.
>Then, I want to use two biploar secondaries in each of the 
>primaries. This would make a neat Quad Biploar coil arrangement. 
>Has anyone done this? Have a schematic? Pictures?
>Did it work?

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