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> >  Has anyone heard of or used an air capacitor? It is a bunch of sheet
> >  metal squares stacked on top of each other, insulated from each other,
> >  and then every other one is wired to in/out, +/-. Like this, 2-4-6-8
> >  would be wired to live, 1-3-5-7 would be nuetral. All sheets are
> >  spaced apart .75".
> This would not be enough spacing for TC voltages(at least using a 15kV
> I made a cap bank out of a bunch(25) of transmitter caps.  The plates
used to
> connect them in parallel were more than an inch apart and still had arcing
> between them.  I immersed the whole thing in paraffin to supress the
> arcing(would have used oil, but the paraffin was easier and did the trick).

	Nothing wrong with an air (insulated) capacitor, although it would be
much larger than an oil-filled one.  Marconi used a huge air capacitor
in his first Newfoundland "Wireless" transmitter.  Filled a whole
building!  Advantage was repairability, I guess.  Think if have a GIF
image of the capacitor somewhere.,