Re: Power Rating of a coil

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: Jess Britt <viper-at-intergate.bc.ca>
> I just have a quick question about the power rating of a tesla coil. I see
> everyone rates thier coil in watts instead of VA. I was just wondering if
> is done because in a tesla coil the reactance of the primary winding should
> equal the reactance of the capacitor therefore cancel each other out.  So
> to this all that is left is real power? Or am I totally of base here?
> Thanks
> Jess Britt

	Those ratings may be wildly erroneous.  Doubt if many have ever hooked
a wattmeter to the input and measured things.  Often the ratings are
those of the HV transformer in the primary circuit, and the true power
input may be much less or considerably more than the transformer rating.