Re: Now, How does a coil really work??

"I know this is probably no-brainers for many, but not myself. I had
the gap fired once per half-cycle, but then I'm figuring that the gap
spacing is
set for this. I have never tried a static gap except in-line with a
But I'm
sure your right. That's what I was getting at. It makes sense that you
could fire
the gap several times per cycle, and yes, the gap width would be the

But, like I said, most really don't know what their break rate is on
gaps. It may and probably is much higher than the assumed 120Hz or
100Hz. I
there are a few who actually set up their gaps to break at Vp = once per
1/2 cyle,
but I bet most do not. I've noticed a lot of variation in arc lengths on
gaps. The break rate I'm guessing is a large factor to this."

	The gap will fire each time the voltage across it reaches the breakdown
voltage.  This may happen several times per half-cycle, or less often
than once per cycle.  In the latter case, if the transformer circuit is
near series-resonance it may take several cycles after a spark before
the voltage returns to the breakdown voltage.  All depends on the gap
voltage, the capacitance, and the current available to charge that

"Ed, sign me up. I would like to view your simulations. I've got
version 8.0, if this is what you've used as a simulator.


	I have Microsim's P Spice, but have been too lazy to learn to use it. 
I do use Electronics Workbench, Version 4, which runs a form of Spice
and is much, much more user friendly.  EWB can import Spice files (I
don't know how) and thus could presumably export them too.  Sorry I
can't tell you more, but will discuss the matter with some of my
Spice-literate friends.