Re: Tesla Coil Operation - was "Harmonics"

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: Bob Misiura <misiura-at-nccoast-dot-net>
> John,
> James Clerk Maxwell, in "A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism" volume
> two (still in print a century after his death) shows a mechanical model
> of induction.  He used a differential gear with movable weights to
> simulate a variable inductance, and a string working as a band brake to
> simulate resistance (loss).
> The book is published in the UK, Canada, and US.  Dover Publications
> #486-60637-6,  price: $11.95 (US).
> Maxwell seems to be the exception, most of his contemporaries found
> analogies between sound, and the generation of sound, to explain
> electrical theories.
> bob misiura

1. Maxwell also used hydraulic analogies (as, for example, to explain
curl).  The math would be the same.

2. The present form of "Maxwell's Equations" was formulated by Oliver
Heaviside and others during the late 19th century.

	Maxwell was undoubtedly a genius, who relied heavily on experimental