Re: Magnet Wire


I stand by my original recommendation.  Why not let the electric motor shop
be the "some company" which you phone, explain your needs and your remote
location, and see if they won't ship you a reel of wire?  I'll bet they at
least match and will probably beat the price of a mail order catalog
electrical supply house.  It's worth a couple of phone calls ...

If they don't have a small enough quantity for you, many will sell you the
whole reel, then buy back what is left after you wind your coil.

> >Original Poster: "Steve Young" <youngs-at-konnections-dot-com>
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> >Max,
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> >Probably the list concensus is to throw yourself at the mercy and
> >of your local electric motor repair/rewind shop.  Usually they will sell
> >you wire at their price, which is about as good a deal as you can get
> >anywhere else.
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> >--Steve
>   The problem with that is I live maybe 80 miles from the nearest
> motor rewind shop. So it would be much easier, and more economical to
> it from some company by phone.
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