Re: The Magneon Porkchop

At 04:57 AM 26/01/99 -0700, Finn Hammer wrote:

>For those of you, who enjoy pictures of crummy workshops, and
>centerfolds with freshly wound transformers, I invite you to visit the
>modest start of my my tesla pages.
>Just follow the link below.
>Cheers, finn
>       http://home5.inet.tele.dk/f-hammer/porkchop.htm

As a fellow "roll-your-own" builder .... well done !

Just one concern.  If you have the "centre-tap" of the two secondaries
innermost, you have maximal dV from the outside of the secondary windings,
which appear VERY CLOSE !!!!

With my TF there was about 1 cm between the secondaries and you could hear
the corona at 13.5 kV with a total of 200kV insulation between the
windings!!!  (very pretty in the dark .. too)  This was solved my adding
another 12 sheets of pyrolam (8kV / layer) between the windings and putting
it in oil.

I would be VERY careful running that TF dry, especially in a coil circuit,
as you are going to see a lot more than 20kV across the secondaries ......

Also not sure whay you went to 20kV.  This makes making caps much harder /
more expensive.  I would have stayed at 14 kV and gone for more AMPS   ;-))

Anyhow ...... very nice & keep us posted.


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