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>  Has anyone heard of or used an air capacitor? It is a bunch of sheet
>  metal squares stacked on top of each other, insulated from each other,
>  and then every other one is wired to in/out, +/-. Like this, 2-4-6-8
>  would be wired to live, 1-3-5-7 would be nuetral. All sheets are
>  spaced apart .75".

This would not be enough spacing for TC voltages(at least using a 15kV neon).
I made a cap bank out of a bunch(25) of transmitter caps.  The plates used to
connect them in parallel were more than an inch apart and still had arcing
between them.  I immersed the whole thing in paraffin to supress the
arcing(would have used oil, but the paraffin was easier and did the trick).  
>  What would happen if you did not use a capacitor, while using a rotary
>  spark gap and the usual config.
You need the primary cap to tune the system and achieve resonance.  How could
you have LpCp = LsCs unless your primary had as much inductance as the
>  Would I be able to wind a choke with some uninsulated 16 gauge wire?
>  Do I just have to keep it space apart, is there a equation for these?

  You would present some serious voltage stresses on the windings, even
spaced.  Good magnet wire can stand off about a  thousand volts between the
turns.  Air just doesn't have that same dielectric strength.  In order to get
the same inductance, you would need several times the number of turns due to
the spacing of the wire.

>  Well thats all, thanks to anybody who replys/ responds!
Hope this helps.