Re: TC Theory

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>  >  If there is a flaw in my theory, please do point it out to me. Otherwise
> I
>  >  will stick to my comment that a spark gap driven TC DOES NOT EXPERIENCE
>  >  
>  >  Coiler greats from germany,
>  >  Reinhard
>  >  
>  >  
>  If this is true, is the voltage out determined then by turns ratio - I've
>  heard not and don't think so?  If not, and by primary/secondary capacitance
> or
>  inductance ratios - why?
>  Ed Sonderman

The voltage out is definitely not determined by the turns ratio of the two
coils.  It is dependent upon the ratio of the circuit IMPEDANCES, much like
the excellent pendulum analogies that have been posted recently.  The energy
from the primary circuit is gradually coupled (built up by resonant rise) into
the secondary circuit.  At the first notch, all this energy has been
transferred to the secondary circuit.  The peak voltage and current levels in
the secondary circuit can then be found by the formula for joules.  None of
this is a mystery.  Many people (especially Terry) have posted waveforms
showing this exact effect in operation.  I have also, without fail, duplicated
these effects in my own system in every configuration I have ever used to
operate my coil.  I hope this helps.

Matt Behrend