Re: First Tesla

To Ryan,
             you gave a deadline, jan the 25th, does this mean it is a high
school or similar project? If so do you need a design which is gauranteed to
work.  This may sound patronising but if its your first coil then it probably
isn't brillaintly designed or made (I made 3 before I was happy with mine) so
you should take the approach pump as much power into it as possible and
there's got to be a spark somewhere.  For this I would use MOTs as they give
huge power.  A pair in series will give you 5kV -at- 0.5 amps which should be
Another hint is: keep metal away from it!   The only metal parts in the whole
thing should be the caps, MOTs, primary, spark gap, secondary and
interconnecting wires. Use no metal bolts, fixtures etc anywhere.

                                         Happy Coilin'

                                          Nick Field